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Deposit submission to claim an in stock boat, one coming into stock or to special order one.
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Claim your watercraft from Paddle Dynamics Claim Your Watercraft

**** CLICK PICTURE, then add proper category to cart. Look for cart in upper right hand corner of screen to complete the payment.

This is a generic way to put down a deposit to claim a boat I have in stock, one that is on order or to special order one. Once the deposit is complete consider the boat yours. If Ozone I will go in and claim it for you on their website within one to two days but officially it is yours once the deposit is complete.

Please contact me with any questions, Jeff at 715-574-9538. Thanks

Claim your watercraft (Put model, layup and color info in comments box on last page, example Epic V8 Ultra. If Ozone put Serial or Draft # in comments section of your order on last page).

Our Price: $1,000.00