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Paddle Dynamics started in 2015 as a result of a passion for paddling of all kinds.

I first discovered this passion in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and West Virginia in 1985 where I did whitewater kayaking for 12 years. I took multiple clinics at the Nantahala Outdoor Center in NC to kick things off. I fell in love with not only play boating and steep creeking but also squirt boating. I was blessed to be able to help pioneer Mystery Moves (underwater kayaking) with legends Jeff and Jim Snyder, helping to add in the hands paddle concept for extended down times traveling many feet and up to 30 seconds underwater. I also ran the whitewater Kayak instruction program at the University of Virginia for a few years, teaching beginners and intermediate paddlers the awesome sport of whitewater kayaking.

Next was rowing where I met not only some incredible athletes but also wonderful people who became great friends. Together we had success at the Masters level winning three national masters titles and also getting a bronze medal at the Head of the Charles Regatta in the Men's Masters 4+ in 2009. I did rowing for 12 years in Virginia and Seattle. I also did the Head of the Charles in my single scull finishing in 7 place in the Masters men's category.

Then with our move to the great state of Wisconsin I naturally fell into marathon canoe racing (WI is a hotbed for marathon canoe). I trained with some of the top paddlers in the country, completing the General Clinton 70 miler in 2015. I also competed in many local and regional races in both C1 and C2 having good success and meeting some great people.

After three years racing canoes I switched to the awesome sport of SUP (stand up paddleboard). I got into racing and competed in many races along with the Chattajack 31 mile race in 2015 finishing 32nd of 112 entries.

In late 2015 I was urged by a friend to try a Surfski where I caught the bug. I have been very fortunate to have been able to train with and learn from Erik Borgnes who lives nearby and is considered one of the best in the US. I did the Chattajack again in 2016, this time in a surfski finishing 7th overall with good results in other local races as well as a 14th in the East Coast Surfski Championships of 54 entries. I also competed in surfski in the 13 mile Gorge Downwind Champs Race in 2017 at Hood River, OR.

In mid 2017 I was blessed with the opportunity to handle the Ozone Outrigger canoe line and was stoked to apply some of my marathon single blade skills and whitewater kayak surfing skills to help grow this awesome sport and earn yet another paddle technique (Tahitian)!! I spent a week at the Gorge Downwind Champs in July of 2017 and was fortunate to take a lesson from Kai Bartlett, one of the best in the outrigger world. I surfed the Ares in up to 6' waves and it is truly an amazing design!! I again entered the Chattajack 31 mile race in October of 2017, this time in a mixed OC2 riding the new Ozone Gemini, we finished on the podium in 3rd place in very tough conditions.

The year 2018 for me and Paddle Dynamics was incredible!! Not only did we had great support from the padding community with a nice sales year in all categories but I had some unexpected paddling opportunities. I was selected on short notice to join the Hawaiian Canoe club's men's 55-59 team to compete in the Outrigger Canoe, 6 man World Championship Molokai Hoe!! We raced to 45th place of 99 canoes from Molokai to Oahu, it was something I will never forget.
While on Maui I did a Maliko surf run with Kai Bartlett and also another solo run to gain some new downwinding skills. I also competed in the OC1 at the Chattajack and finished 6th of 41 overall, 19 min back from 1st in 5:03 for the 32 miles. I also had a great time with good results in many local races with a lot of demos meeting some great folks!!

-2019 Wild Buffalo Relay Catalina Island to Newport Beach, CA, a 42 mile ocean OC1 relay finishing 26th of 52.
+Gorge Downwind Champs OC1 finishing 18th of 40
in my age group and 104th of 254 in overall OC1.
+Chattajack, 2nd in mixed OC2 and 5th
consecutive year of finishing for a special belt buckle award.

-2020 Chattajack and Gorge Covid Canceled.

-2021 Competed in OC1 at the Gorge Downwind Champs and was 1st in Mixed OC6 at the Chattajack and 5th overall of 600 plus watercraft.

-2022 Competed in OC1 at the Gorge and finished 20th of 80 in OC1 at the Chattajack after battling a broken foot in Sept missing 6 weeks of training.

-2023 Continuing with my best Gorge Race finish yet in OC1 and good results in a lot of fun races in surfski, OC, rowing and SUP. Also getting back into squirt boating since now in TN.

*** I have also been fortunate to be able to host clinics from Jasper Mocke, Sean Rice, Johnny Puakea and Kai Bartlett.

My goal is to help you discover your passion for paddling with some great products to try and a free lesson either here or at your favorite water spot.

Reach out and let's discover and explore your passion!!