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I have had the new Kai Bartlett Gemini OC2 for about three weeks now and have paddled probably 100 miles in it with various paddlers in varying conditions, all I can say it WOW! The canoe has a very similar feel to the Ares OC1 as the cockpits and seats are basically identical. The speed of the boat is very good compared to other OC2's I have paddled and it has very nice glide. One customer who purchased one from me feels it is significantly faster then his Huki OC2 and plans to use it for the MR340 in 2018. I have not had the chance to surf it yet in larger then 2' swells but with the way it picks the small bumps I would expect it to be an amazing ride. As with all Ozone Canoes the quality of construction is top notch and the stiffness to weight ratio is unsurpassed. With very few OC2's on the market and with the speed and comfort of this canoe I would expect it to dominate the market going forward as long as you can fit an almost 25' canoe in your garage. otherwise the Tempest is still an excellent choice.

*** Addendum 2-17-20. Since my review I have won 2nd and 3rd place in mixed OC2 at the Chattajack in the Gemini against some strong competitors. I have also had the opportunity to do a Maliko surf run with Kai in Maui and a Gorge run and this canoe does not disappoint in surf or on the flats. Feel free to contact me for more details.