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This is a test on the New Epic V12 Gen 2 introduced in late 2016.

I initially took the V12 out for a 6 mile flat water spin and couldn't believe how comfortable the bucket was. It just hugs you very nicely compared to the previous generation which gives you more comfort and control. Obviously your mileage could vary but my 6,3, 190# body with size 34 waist fit great! Typically my top core comfort boat is my V10 but after seeing a friend in this ski effortlessly surf away from me got me intrigued to do more testing so I took it out in 1' chop to put it through the test. The first thing I noticed is the initial stability is slightly less then my V10 but that is where it ends. If you lay it over on its side the taller gunwales keep the water out very nicely and the ski just sits there on edge, totally stable with amazing secondary stability. I also noticed very quickly how much more responsive this ski is compared to all others I have been in, I think this has to do with the forward bucket position and further forward rudder. This allows it to carve and change directions on waves with much more control then my V10. The rudder being further forward is more engaged in wave face which is a great design feature of this ski and makes it more fun to just cruise around on flat water as well cutting in and out of coves on the little lake I paddle on,

Overall Greg Barton and his team did an amazing job making this the ski of choice for downwind runs for advanced paddlers and possibly even for folks like me in more average conditions. If you get a chance to try one out it is worth it!!!

*** Addendum, 2-17-20. As of note at the Gorge Downwind Champs Race the last few years the V12 Gen 2 was the surfski of choice for all of the sponsored Epic riders over even the V14 and new V11.