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Every now and then a product comes along that at first seems like a good idea and then when you experience it in real life you discover it is an amazing tool in many ways. This is the case for the new Epic V8 Double. When introduced last Fall I thought this would be a fun ski to paddle for introducing new folks to the sport and would open up the sport to people who would not otherwise consider a ski but it is much more than that.

When I delivered the first V8 Double I gladly jumped in the back behind the new owner and from my years of rowing was able to quickly match up with the bow person. I could feel the stroke length and power application of that person and get a feel for something different then what I was doing. Then another guy who just bought a V12 from me jumped in the bow and his stroke was totally different and seemed to match with my style better giving me a great feel for something to strive for, The picture tagged to this article is from a clinic Paddle Dynamics hosted in May 2017 with 2-Time World Champion Jasper Mocke. I was in the back and when we started I could feel a powerful and smooth stroke. After a few minutes Jasper kicked it into gear and totally changed the power application to an immediate pulse of power right at the catch. I was able to get a feel for something special that paddle and am now applying that feel to my stroke. We also had an awesome time hopping on a few boat wakes during our 30 minute paddle, something I will never forget.

Going forward when I schedule demos with new paddlers I am having them get in the V8 Double first behind me which will give them a better feel for the stroke length, power application, core rotation, stroke rate and much more!!! I love this new ski!!! Great job again Greg Barton!!!