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I have been very fortunate to have an Ares as my current demo OC1 and I have to say it is one amazing piece of watercraft design!!! I have surfed it in the Columbia River Gorge and on inland wind blown lakes in up to 6' swells and it is so fast in linking waves and lets you stay in total control with no undue drama in all conditions. When the bowl pearls into the wave face in front of you it is still very easy to turn and maneuver the canoe under full control in a relaxed method. The extreme lightness and stiffness of construction gives you instant throttle response for hopping on the next wave thanks to Ozone's state of the art construction methods and materials,

In the flats the Ares has amazing glide and instant acceleration which makes it a perfect vehicle for all inland lakes and rivers. The Ares can hold it's own against many other flatwater specific craft which many if which exceed the optimal length and have too much wetted surface drag to offset.

Give me a ping to test this awesome ride out, you won't be disappointed!!