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A surfski is a form of kayak where you are more able to use the larger muscle groups of your legs and core for not only faster speeds but a more efficient full body workout. A typical kayak has a cockpit where your legs are tucked under the rim and you are not able to use your legs as part of the driving force behind the stroke (except Epic sea kayaks which have long cockpits where you can pull your knees together and paddle them like a surfski). In most recreational kayaks and sea kayaks you are only able to utilize the smaller muscles groups in your arms and shoulders with a little core for propulsion which is not very efficient and the workout is minimal. In a surfski your arms act as support for your core muscles and legs and you are using the larger muscle groups to not only generate much more power per stroke but also it is more efficient as you are using larger muscles which don't tire as fast.

I see many people switching from a sea kayak or standard sit in kayaks to a surfski for the added benefits mentioned above, try one and experience the thrill of a surfski!