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For small items that need to be shipped we use USPS for everything except Fedex for SUP paddles. We charge s fixed shipping costs to keep things simple which in most cases does not cover our actual costs including packaging and transport and we supplement the freight for you. For very small items our cost can be lower then the fixed cost but we still have the packaging and transport costs and this helps to offset a very small amount of the freight we loose on the larger orders.

For heavy items such as KayakPro stands or Epic boat socks we charge a fixed shipping cost (even on orders that meet the $200 free freight threshold) as we just cannot absorb the extra freight.

Surfski, Outrigger and Sea Kayak Delivery and Pick-Up;

For personal
delivery of your new surfski, outrigger canoe or sea kayak we will do our best to accommodate you by meeting you partway or at your location when we are in the area (transport fees may apply). See the Paddle Dynamics Event Calendar 2021 for routing for a 2021 delivery.

Shipping boats: For shipping if not on our route we do recommend and use several shipping companies. They professionally haul high performance watercraft on special trailers to avoid you having to receive large boxes from normal freight carriers where there is a high chance of damage (and leaving you with a large mass of cardboard to dispose of).

For northern US pick-up you can schedule a time to meet at our Wisconsin location with no delivery fees and we can also head to a nearby lake for a free lesson if desired.

For southern US pick-up with the addition of our
new Lafayette, LA Warehouse (opened March 2020) you can schedule a pick up for a nominal fee of $75 (payment will need to made in cash to warehouse manager Brad Rex). This fee covers the warehouse manager meeting you at the storage facility, inspecting your boat and its parts, going over how to unpack, rig and repack your new boat as well as helping to make sure you have adequate racking for transport.

We are an insured carrier so you can trust us with your boat transport.

** Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions about the information above at 715-574-9538 (talk or text) or email at
Paddledynamics@gmail.com .

Thank you!