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When shopping for paddle craft and accessories you want someone who focuses on this as their sole business and is a specialist with water sports in general.

Finding the right surfski (ski), touring/sea kayak or outrigger canoe (OC) to fit your core stability and skill level is critical to not only optimizing performance but can also be the difference between enjoying paddling or not. Buying a watercraft above your ability level for what your core balancing muscles can handle (ski) will not only not be fun but could cause safety concerns. You could be unable to stabilize the boat and tire too quickly to make it back to the launch point or tire too much to be able to safely remount your craft should you fall out. Do you want an hourly person in a multi-department sporting goods store help you make this important buying decision? At Paddle Dynamics we will assess your balance and skill level and let you demo the models which are the best fit to help you make the right decision or talk on the phone if out of our area to address all of your concerns?

Paddle Dynamics has the largest Epic and Stellar inventory in the Upper Midwest and in TN and KY and the surrounding areas. We also have the largest Stellar inventory in the South Central US and are the only Ozone dealer in the Central US covering TN to CO, MI to TX. We also have expert knowledge of all paddle craft to help transition from another water sport or get you into your first water sport.

** Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions at 715-574-9538 (talk or text).
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Thank you for trusting Paddle Dynamics for your high performance watercraft and accessory needs!!