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Is it a sea kayak or surfski, YES it is!! Most importantly it is just a lot of fun to paddle.

The Epic V6 is a unique design from Bruce Barton at Epic kayaks. Not only does it have the ease of paddling of a sit on top kayak but it has an amazing amount of storage for multi-day trips. Epic took the hull and storage areas of the 16X sea kayak and married it to a surfski cockpit creating an extremely versatile boat which is incredibly fun to paddle.

When I first hopped in the V6 I was surprised at the amount of glide it had for a 16' paddlecraft. It just feels good in almost any kind of water except the really big stuff where an understern rudder might give you more control. The TrackMaster Plus rudder system on the other hand with spring loaded rudder lets you take this surfski where you would not venture with an understern rudder for fear of hitting something. It also has an uphaul feature when you want to retract the rudder partway for minimal drag or to avoid an obstacle. The comfort of "the bucket" is amazing and this is truly an all day paddlecraft. It also has great stability where us mere mortals can paddle it with less fear of falling out like in some narrower skis.

Overall the Epic V6 is an excellent all around surfski kayak when you are not heading into the really big stuff but want a vehicle you can paddle in all other conditions including very shallow lakes and rivers with less fear of rudder damage or for multi-day tripping.