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Per a recommendation of a good friend of mine, Erik Borgnes, I set out to test the speed difference between the Epic V8 Pro, Epic V10 Sport and Epic V10.

The models I tested were all in the Ultra 27 pound layup. I did the testing on a local lake named Tug Lake approx 2.5 miles around in a day with a light wind and some mild chop. My testing was composed of random 1 mile intervals changing boats to factor out fatigue as a variable at a fixed heart rate. The end result was a relative 2/10 of a MPH difference between boats. Each ski as you go up the scale if approx 1" narrower and 1' longer then the previous which from my testing adds about a 2/10 MPH difference. My averages were around 6.4 mph for the V8 Pro, 6.6 for the V10 Sport and 6.8 for the V10 which is about right for my steady state speeds from my everyday experience. Per the Greg Barton speed comparisons you have to have good core stability in order to apply full power. If the V10 Sport is above your core stability level then you might be faster in the PRO.

All of these are great skis and can fit a need depending upon what your goals are such as fitness, flat water racing, downwind surfing, etcetera. Get out and do your own comparison and choose one that is right for you.