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For any product that needs to be shipped we use USPS except we use Fedex for SUP paddles. We charge a fixed rate to keep things simple and in most cases charge below the actual freight cost and supplement the shipping costs for you. For large and bulky or heavy items such as KayakPro boats stands or Epic boat socks we charge a fixed shipping cost to help cover the extra freight, regardless if the order meets the the $200 free freight threshold. For small items sometimes the fixed cost ends up being a bit more then our actual costs but we also have the expense of the packaging as well as driving to the post office as we are rural and have a fair drive to the post,

For boats we do our best to accommodate you if you live out of the area during our travels and charge a minimal fee or nothing sometimes if meeting in route. If we have to detour from our route there will be additional transport costs. No matter where you live in the US there are sometimes ways to get boat transport done so please check with us to see if we can accommodate you.

We are an insured carrier so you can trust us with your high performance watercraft transport.

Please reach out with any additional shipping questions, thanks.